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Showing posts from February, 2014

BFS and DFS with Python


So I've found myself in a situation where I have had to revise simple Data Structures from my Software Engineering Degree. I have not done this for several years, so naturally my first step in this process was looking at the workings of various structures on Google (then subsequently Wikipedia). After refreshing my memory, I decided that the best thing to do was code up these algorithm.

In this blog post, I will show you the BFS (breadth first search) and the DFS (depth first search) in Python.

Unfortunately many of the already Python implementations of these algorithms on the web are either over complicated or have readability issues or don't emphasise the difference between the two algorithms.

I will attempt to explain both, and give a readable and understandable explanation of both. Targeted towards first year Computer Science or Software Engineering students.

Instagram API filtering (or querying)


Instagram's APIs are well written, well documented, RESTfull and simply a breeze to use.

I myself prefer them to the Facebook APIs, however the Facebook Graph API does have an advantage over that of the Instagram API - namely filtering. The question I will answer in this blog post is whether there is an efficient way to filter the Instagram API.