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The missing piece in social media (digital) strategy - SIG

The new breed of digital marketers are here! They are called “Social Media Strategists”. Social media strategy involves businesses generating social media actions (likes, tweets, checkins etc) on their own business page (Facebook Fan page, Twitter account or Instagram account). The reason? to ensure that a business page receives adequate attention on the news feed of social media users.

These strategies include devising plans to post rich content that will enable loyal customers to perform social media actions and hence provide a mechanism for customers to tell their friends about a certain company.

Now all this is well and good. But the customer loop is incomplete here, as loyalty is only being properly provided by the customer, not the business. For example: a certain customer may be liking a business’ posts once a day, but he/she is not getting anything back. Until now…let me introduce - SIG.

SIG (the Social Intelligence Grabber) is an engine that allows businesses to show their appreciation to customers who have performed social media actions on their business page. It works by collecting social media actions, then rewarding customers according to these actions. Customers are then able to use these reward points for whatever the business wishes. 

SIG is able to be integrated into any loyalty platform and allows easy customisation of points. For example: a business may choose that a like is worth 2 points or 5 points; or that a share is worth 10 points or 20 points. 

This awesome product is available from CSB Engage, for more information about it, please visit the CSB Engage website.

As one of the lead programmers on this project, I can tell you now that what we have done here is a product that is never seen before on the market. It is bleeding edge that will allow you to turn your social media strategy into loyalty!

Thanks for reading!