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'Hierarchy' the dirty word

Modern human resource departments dread the word "hierarchy", companies happily boast of their "flat structure" in job advertisements, and national leaders are disparaged as being out of touch. However, when is a bit of hierarchy actually good? When is it worth it?

My personal issue isn't with hierarchy. It's with excess, unneeded hierarchy. Hierarchy can be good as it means the higher up the individual goes, the more responsibility they have. Problems arise in organisations where individuals in higher levels of a hierarchy do not have much responsibility and thus do not do much work.

Make your code review requests count

The value in PRs (or code reviews in general) is more than just ensuring good code is pushed into the main-line branch. There's more to a PR in my opinion. This includes

•Learning from others
•Sharing learning, understanding, and the architecture of your system

3, 2, 1 - REVEAL POINTS. The true value of poker sizing

Many of us are in teams with a good habit of sizing work items, and in many cases this is a good habit. However, do we truly understand the importance of this behaviour? Why do we do it? Is it even necessary, and where is the real value of all this?

My top 3 development tools

Every developer has a set of development tools which they use on a regular basis. Below is a list of my top three tools, why I use them, and how they benefit me. In the list below I haven't included code editors, IDEs, or extensions to IDEs. Please note: this may disappoint many of you who are expecting something "advanced" or "funky".