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Commerce, coffee, and value

According to Wikipedia, commerce is the exchange of goods and services that existed as part of the human story since prehistoric times. Before currency we used to barter, then we began to use currency backed by resources like gold, and now we use fiat money (currency backed by the issuing government).

As humans we've learnt that this is the way we exchange value. When I go to a particular coffee shop on a Saturday it's because I judge that the value in the coffee given to me is better than the shop next door. I may even be willing to pay a little extra depending on the value provided. In this case, the value is the extent to which my taste buds are excited from the coffee.

Tips to Automate Yourself Out of a Job

Providing tools, processes, and platforms that automate everything, including yourself out of a job should be the goal of everyone in IT. It's something people rant about on Twitter, speak about on YouTube, and attempt to inspire on LinkedIn. Everyone seems to be telling us we should automate our jobs, not many are telling us how. Today I have a few practical things you can do to actualise this goal.