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Stop Demonising Process

All too often people appeal to being "Agile" as a way to avoid following or having process. It could be because the term "Agile" implies flexibility or even because the Agile Manifesto itself says explicitly that "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools". Here, the manifesto doesn't say that being "Agile" doesn't mean you don't have process, it simply says you favour individuals over process. The demonisation of process could also be a knee jerk reaction of when teams had process imposed on them.

How rock climbing, cooking, and weight lifting help us relate to software delivery.

Incremental, iterative, sprints. Whatever word you may use, the whole point is, as the agile manifesto says to Deliver working software frequently. The key here is working not necessarily perfectUsing the words just mentioned or even the word agile can cause some confusion. One of the most common aspects of confusion for people not wanting to deliver incrementally and pushing a large amount of changes into a future release is Aren't we agile, let's be flexible. Of course, this perception of flexibility ends up hurting the team in the future because many changes are pushed through one big release. What this means is if something goes wrong we're simply guessing which change caused the bug.

Here are a few analogies I've been working with to help people understand the importance of frequent delivery.