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Reboot DevOps (Part: III)

As alluded to in Part 1 and II it seems that DevOps has just become about CI/CD pipelines, provisioning infrastructure, and deploying applications. Today, we'll speak about CI/CD pipelines but more specifically the purpose they seek to provide.

Firstly, I think the term CI/CD is counter-intuitive. It's not a descriptive term and I would prefer to use the far more boring term release pipeline because it is self descriptive. Our primary concern is how does candidate code get from a local developer's machine all the way into production. Here we need to employ ToC (Theory of Constraints) thinking to really understand the reasoning of CI/CD in the first place.

the level of utilization of a non-bottleneck is not determined by its own potential, but by some other constraint in the system. - Dr Eli Goldratt

Reboot DevOps (Part: II)

In the Part I we discussed how DevOps isn't about solving application problems using infrastructure but about being able to deploy to our targets in a sustainable way. We spoke about how increasing confidence enables personnel to release more often as risks are hedged by having solid application packages.

Today we will speak about how monitoring and observability can increase our confidence to enable us to release more often.